Valeria I Stark
House Stark
House Stark
Valeria Stark
Valeria I
Title(s) Queen
Lady Commander of the Night's Watch
Number II
Rule 10/08/2012 - 12/24/2012
77 days
Also Known As Valeria the Unspoken
Royal House Stark
Hand Myrcella I
Predecessor Lola I
Heir Myrcella I
Successor Myrcella I
Biographical Information
Born unknown birth
Entered Kingdom 10/03/2012
Death 04/13/2013
192 days
Abandoned Kingdom 12/24/2012
82 days
Color Black Mottled
Genes aaMo
Sex Female
Species Campbell

Valeria of the House Stark the First of Her Name, II Queen of the Andals and the First Dwarf Hamsters, Lady of the Seven Kingdoms and Protector of the Realm


Valeria I came to the throne after the assassination of Lola I, however she never married King Aemon I. She did not come the Throne right after Lola I's death because Lola I had not left behind an heir, and thus the Small Council took some time in deciding who the next Queen would be.

She would later name Myrcella Lannister as her heir because she would not be having any children of her own.


Valeria I relinquished the throne when she left for the Night's Watch at Georgiland on 12/24/2012.



  • Valeria I Stark (aa)

Her closest relative was Pistachio I Stark, however it is unknown how they are related.


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