Rupert Tully
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Rupert Tully
Rupert Tully
Biographical Information
Royal House Tully
Title(s) Master of Whisperers under Aemon I
34 days
Hand of the King under Calix I
Also Known As The Butcher
Born unknown birth
Entered Kingdom 11/18/2012
Death -
Abandoned Kingdom -
Color Red Eyed Lilac
Genes aaddpp
Sex Male
Species Campbell


After entering the Kingdom Rupert Tully shortly become the Master of Whisperers under Aemon I.

Shortly after would become Hand of the King under Calix I for helping him acquire the Throne.

Rupert Tully married Myrcella I's heir Ophelia I, however he had a secret love affair with Myrcella I that did not last long.



  • Rupert Tully (aaddpp)

Spouse(s) & Children:Edit

Phenotype Percent
Opal (dd - a p) 50%
Blue Fawn (ddpp - a) 50%


d dp
adp dd - a p ddpp - a

Family TreeEdit


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