Robert Baratheon
Robert Baratheon
Robert Baratheon
Biographical Information
Royal House Baratheon
Title(s) Prince
Also Known As -
Born 12/04/2012
Entered Kingdom -
Death 03/15/2013
101 days
Abandoned Kingdom -
Color Agouti
Genes A - d p sa
Sex Male
Species Campbell


Born to King Calix I and Queen Myrcella I he was a member for the royal Baratheon House. Was the heir to the Iron Throne.


Robert died on March 3rd, 2013 from an illness. The illness seemed to have been a combination of ringworm and wet tail.


His eldest surviving son Dexter Baratheon wants to become the next King as the rightful heir, however Robert Baratheon's father Calix I has named his other son Robert Baratheon II his heir.





Ophelia I (dd - p sa)

Phenotype Percent
Agourti (A - d) 32%
Opal (dd) 29%
Argente (pp - d) 11%
Blue Fawn (ddpp) 11%
Agourti Satin (Asasa - d) 11%
Opal Satin (ddsasa) 7%
Argente Satin (ppsasa - d) 4%
Genotype d dp dsa dpsa
A A - d A - d p A - d sa A - d p sa
d dd dd - p dd - sa dd - p sa
p A - p d pp - d A - d p sa pp - d sa
sa A - d sa A - d p sa Asasa - d Asasa - d p
dp dd - p ddpp dd - p sa ddpp - sa
dsa dd - sa dd - p sa ddsasa ddsasa - p
psa A - d p sa pp - d sa Asasa - d p ppsasa - d
  1. Medgar Baratheon (pp - d)
  2. Zora Baratheon (ddpp ? - sa)
  3. Gunthor Baratheon (dd)
  4. Catelyn Baratheon (pp - d ? sa)
  5. Dexter Baratheon (pp - d ? sa
  6. Samwell Baratheon (dd ? - p sa
  7. Rodrik Baratheon (A - d ? p sa)