Pistachio I Stark
House Stark
House Stark
1. Pistachio Stark I 2012 - 2012
Pistachio I
Title(s) King
Number I
Rule 8/12/2012 - 8/17/2012
5 days
Also Known As Pistachio the Short-Lived
Royal House Stark
Hand -
Predecessor -
Heir -
Successor Aemon I
Biographical Information
Born unknown birth
Entered Kingdom 8/12/2012
Death 8/17/2012
5 days
Abandoned Kingdom -
Color Black
Genes aa
Sex Male
Species Campbell

Pistachio of the House Stark the First of His Name, I King of the Andals and the First Dwarf Hamsters, Lord of the Seven Kingdoms and Protector of the Realm


Pistachio I was very gentle, hence the nickname. He died just within five days of receiving the Throne. He is to be believed to have died from Wet Tail.

His spouse was Queen Lola I. No children resulted from the marriage, hence her next husband who was Aemon I received the Throne.

The day he died was sad indeed. He was buried in his favorite sleeping box.



  • Pistachio I Stark (aa)

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