Ophelia Baratheon
Ophelia Baratheon
Ophelia Baratheon
Biographical Information
Royal House Baratheon
Title(s) Princess
Also Known As -
Born 12/04/2012
Entered Kingdom -
Death 06/26/2013
204 days
Abandoned Kingdom -
Color Opal
Genes dd - p
Sex Female
Species Campbell


Born to King Calix I and Queen [[Myrcella I Lannister]|Myrcella I] she is a member for the royal Baratheon House. Ophelia Baratheon is the heir to her mother Myrcella I. She began training to become the Queen when her mother appointed her Hand of the Queen on January 21, 2013.

First Birth

Ophelia Baratheon gave birth to eight pups. During the same night she was kidnapped and poisoned. Meanwhile when she was gone her mother Myrcella I toke care of the pups. She was able to survive the incident without harm to her or the pups.




Spouse(s) & Children:

Aemon I (dd)

Robert Baratheon (A - d p sa)

Phenotype Percent
Agourti (A - d) 32%
Opal (dd) 29%
Argente (pp - d) 11%
Blue Fawn (ddpp) 11%
Agourti Satin (Asasa - d) 11%
Opal Satin (ddsasa) 7%
Argente Satin (ppsasa - d) 4%
Genotype d dp dsa dpsa
A A - d A - d p A - d sa A - d p sa
d dd dd - p dd - sa dd - p sa
p A - p d pp - d A - d p sa pp - d sa
sa A - d sa A - d p sa Asasa - d Asasa - d p
dp dd - p ddpp dd - p sa ddpp - sa
dsa dd - sa dd - p sa ddsasa ddsasa - p
psa A - d p sa pp - d sa Asasa - d p ppsasa - d
  1. Medgar Baratheon (pp - d)
  2. Zora Baratheon (ddpp ? - sa)
  3. Gunthor Baratheon (dd)
  4. Catelyn Baratheon (pp - d ? sa)
  5. Dexter Baratheon (pp - d ? sa
  6. Samwell Baratheon (dd ? - p sa
  7. Rodrik Baratheon (A - d ? p sa)

Calix I (ddsasa)

Phenotype Percent
Opal (dd) 100%


d dp
dsa dd - sa dd - p sa
  1. Robert Baratheon II (dd - sa ? p)
  2. Mary Baratheon (dd - sa ? p)
  3. Sarin Baratheon (dd - sa ? p)

Rupert Tully (aaddpp)

Phenotype Percent
Opal (dd - a p) 50%
Blue Fawn (ddpp - a) 50%


d dp
adp dd - a p ddpp - a
  1. Isabella Tully ()
  2. Arthur Tully ()


  • (74 days) On February 16, 2013, Ophelia had an successful litter of 7.
  • (130 days) On April 13, 2013, Ophelia had an successful litter of 5.
  • (181 days) On June 3, 2013, Ophelia had an successful litter of 7.


List of Dwarf Hamsters
Hand of the Queen

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