Myrcella I Lannister
House Lannister
House Lannister
Myrcella Lannister
Myrcella I
Title(s) Queen
Number III
Rule 12/25/2012
Also Known As Myrcella the Lion
Royal House Lannister
Hand Ophelia Baratheon
Zora Baratheon
Predecessor Valeria I
Heir Zora Baratheon
Successor -
Biographical Information
Born unknown
Entered Kingdom 10/20/2012
Death -
Abandoned Kingdom -
Color Red Eyed Argente
Genes pp - d
Sex Female
Species Campbell

Myrcella of the House Lannister the First of Her Name, III Queen of the Andals and the First Dwarf Hamsters, Lady of the Seven Kingdoms and Protector of the Realm


Hand of the Queen

Myrcella became the Hand of the Queen after Valeria I asked her to. The two became close with each other when she would distract Aemon I and Valeria I would be able to control the Kingdom for the mean time.


Myrcella became the heir to Valeria I as she did not have an heir in her own family. She became Queen when Valeria I abandoned her claim to the throne.


As Hand of the Queen, Myrcella I was appointed Queen by the Small Council on 12/24/2012 when Valeria I relinquished her claim the the throne.



  • Myrcella I (pp - d)

Spouse(s) & Children:

Calix I (ddsasa)

Phenotype Percent
Agouti (A - p d sa) 50%
Opal (dd - p sa) 50%
Genotype p dp
dsa A - p d sa dd -  p sa
  1. Renly Baratheon (A - p d sa)
  2. Ophelia Baratheon (dd -  p sa)
  3. Robert Baratheon (A - p d sa)
  4. Cornelia Baratheon (dd -  p sa)


  • On November 15, 2012, Myrcella had an unsuccessful litter of 5.
  • On December 04, 2012, Myrcella had a successful litter of 4.

Family Tree

Myrcella I Lannister Family Tree


Queen's Gallery
List of Dwarf Hamsters
Small Council


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