Medgar Baratheon
Medgar Baratheon
Medgar Baratheon
Biographical Information
Royal House Baratheon
Title(s) Lord
Also Known As
Born 02/16/2013
Entered Kingdom -
Death 03/29/2013
41 days
Abandoned Kingdom -
Color Red Eyed Argente
Genes pp - d
Sex Male
Species Campbell


Medgar Baratheon was the heir to Calix I to take the Throne after him. However, he died before he could take the Throne. He was killed by his father, who was influenced by his younger brother Dexter Baratheon, who became the heir after him.





  1. Medgar Baratheon (pp - d)
  2. Zora Baratheon (ddpp ? - a)
  3. Gunthor Baratheon (dd)
  4. Catelyn Baratheon (pp - d ? sa)
  5. Dexter Baratheon (pp - d ? sa)
  6. Samwell Baratheon (dd ? - p sa)
  7. Rodrik Baratheon (A - d ? p sa)

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