Dexter I Baratheon
Dexter I Baratheon
Dexter I
Title(s) King
Number IV
Rule 06/27/2013 -
Also Known As -
Royal House Baratheon
Hand -
Predecessor Calix I
Heir -
Successor -
Biographical Information
Born 02/16/2013
Entered Kingdom -
Death -
Abandoned Kingdom -
Color Red Eyed Argente
Genes pp - d ? a
Sex Male
Species Campbell

Dexter of the House Baratheon the First of His Name, IV King of the Andals and the First Dwarf Hamsters, Lord of the Seven Kingdoms and Protector of the Realm


Dexter I is the 2nd in line to inherit the Throne after his older brother Medgar Baratheon. Originally 3rd to inherit the Throne, but became 2nd in line after his alleged coup d'état assassination of Gunthor Baratheon with the help of his alleged father Rupert Tully.

Dexter I shorty after Gunthor Baratheon's death, Medgar Baratheon was also assassinated believed to be by his alleged father Rupert Tully as well. Therefore, he was the heir to Calix I until an heir was born to him. Although Calix I is Dexter I's real grandfather.

Although he was blamed for the plotting of the murders of his brothers, it was truly Rupert Tully following the orders of Calix I think he was getting rid of competitors for the Iron Throne. And he would have been next if he not been helped by Myrcella I. Following the events Calix I sentence Rupert Tully to prison in order to protect himself.





  1. Medgar Baratheon (pp - d)
  2. Zora Baratheon (ddpp ? - sa)
  3. Gunthor Baratheon (dd)
  4. Catelyn Baratheon (pp - d ? sa)
  5. Dexter I (pp - d ? sa)
  6. Samwell Baratheon (dd)
  7. Rodrik Baratheon (A - d)

Spouse(s) & Children

Catelyn Baratheon (pp - d ? sa)

Phenotype Percent
Argente (pp) 75%
Blue Fawn (ddpp) 25%


p dp
p pp pp - d
dp pp - d ddpp


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