Darcy Dayne
House Dayne
House Dayne
Darcy Dayne
Darcy Dayne
Biographical Information
Royal House Dayne
Title(s) Lady
Also Known As The Queenslayer
Born unknown birth
Entered Kingdom 09/26/2012
Death unknown death
Abandoned Kingdom 10/03/2012
7 days
Color Agouti Mottled
Genes AMo
Sex Female
Species Campbell


Married Aemon I Targaryen in order to give him an heir, however Aemon I grew tire of her quickly. She was shortly sentenced to death for treason after murdering Lola I under Aemon I's command in order to prove her love for Aemon I.


Darcy Dayne however, did not die on October 3, 2012 she was secretly allowed to exile the Kingdom by Aemon I Targaryen in order to save her life. Her truth death date is unknown.



  • Darcy Dayne (AMo)

Spouse(s) & Children:

Family Tree

Aemon I Targaryen
Darcy Dayne


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