Cornelia Baratheon
Cornelia Baratheon
Cornelia Baratheon
Biographical Information
Royal House Baratheon
Title(s) Lady
Also Known As -
Born 12/04/2012
Entered Kingdom -
Death 01/24/2013
51 days
Abandoned Kingdom -
Color Opal
Genes dd
Sex Female
Species Campbell


Born to King Calix I Baratheon and Queen Myrcella I Lannister she is a member for the royal Baratheon House. She was never noticed much and didn't wish to, as she knew the chances of her becoming Queen were very low. Her sister Ophelia Baratheon was the heir to the Queen's Throne.


Cornelia Baratheon was ill around the time of her death, she was going blind. She is believed to have died of natural causes. However many speculate that her brother Renly Baratheon murdered her.




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